Fully Furnished Artists To-Let (2014)

an artwork by Madeleine Dymond and Megan Mace

The work was conceived in response to an invitation to host a bar artwork for ‘At the End of August’, an event that took place in August House, Johannesburg in order to bid farewell to the space as a key infrastructure in the local art scene. The evening’s proceedings were arranged after it had become clear that the building had been sold to a private developer. The artwork, demarcated by an abandoned carpet found in the basement, was situated on a concourse between several studios. During the planning phase the bar also became a market, where leaving tenants could try to sell the objects they were willing to part with in the move. A catalogue was available for guests to peruse and all the objects came from the artists who lived and worked there, now seeking new premises. For the duration of the event the performing artists sold drinks and wares, using clock cards made for the event as receipts for purchases.

April 2014
In addition to the items in the catalogue: a carpet and vinyl text
Johannesburg, South Africa