This project was devised for the Johannesburg session of PLAY>URBAN, a research project that examines art practices in the urban environments of the participating cities: Strasbourg in France, Johannesburg in South Africa and Kinshasa in the DRC. For Half-time nearly 1000 cubes were fashioned out of cement, wood, sunlight soap, sugar and South African geographic journals.

The virtual 'elements of empire' were then distributed over two points in Park Station in Johannesburg: a massive bus terminus and transport nexus. Placing the objects in such a well used public space meant obstructing movement and drawing attention to their presence on a concourse otherwise reserved for uninterrupted footfall. People gathered to observe the materials being drawn from a storage box as installing the work took place during peak foot traffic times of day.

The title refers to the moment of suspending a game at the midway point when new bets can be taken and expectations confounded. The radial form begins to act then as a half-time: a physical pause and a material node of ambiguity where conclusive narratives hold ample potential and are as yet unformed.

August 2012
Sunlight soap, South African geographic journals, cement, sugar and wood.
Park Station.
Johannesburg, South Africa