Suspended Disbelief

The project consisted of small theatres modestly erected in the square of Omonoia by means of red curtains with gold trim. Each theatre was installed on the face of a working phone booth, turning it into a small private space for both conversations and objects. Some theatres displayed little tricks or backdrops that drew on objects, symbols and pictograms found in and around the square. Others were installed with curtains only.  Visitors to the Bagkeion Hotel, the Biennial venue, were encouraged to phone certain phone booths and initiate a conversation with whoever may pick up the phone. The intention is to create a new urban scene by describing the respective spaces of each speaker. The work is also open, then, to fictional descriptions of where each speaker may be. In this way the telephone becomes a set designing tool rather than a plot device, allowing the square to be verbalised in many different ways.

September 2016
Cloth, thread, inkjet print on paper, adhesive plastic, found objects, cellphone and various call cards.
Omonoia Square.
Athens, Greece.