The Last One

From the series sem-antics

The installation of a waiting room and adjoining office were the site for a conversation performance piece both proposed and documented by the text ‘The Last One’. Personal experience and further observation of the form of the waiting room and the que, which are frequent ‘motifs’ in the university administrative and financial offices, served as the departure point for this work. The installation was furnished by a damaged or disused furniture items sourced from the university furniture store. All reading material, including financial newspapers, were also sourced from the university: from it’s library. With this in mind the work invokes both the language of tertiary institutions and the language by which these institutions are becoming financialised. The scenario of the performance revolved around obliging the adjudicators who would examine the work within the context of an exam, to occupy the waiting room for the exams duration, roughly forty minutes. Only three of the some twelve jury members participated in a conversation in the adjoining room, fashioned to resemble an office. Those who remained in the waiting room were also subjected a single ‘elevator music’ track on repeat.

October 2013
Coffee table, chairs, plants, Henri Rousseau print, financial magazines, books, newspapers, speakers, certificate and text on paper.
Johannesburg, South Africa.