Untitled (Evidence A.)

From the series sem-antics

The work was motivated by news reports detailing the corruption, inconsistencies and evidence tampering that has come to characterise the juridical inquisition into the Marikana Massacre, which took place in August of the previous year (2012). Conflicting material evidence came to be central in the case, and inspired the invocation of the Schroedinger’s cat thought experiment.The document makes use of a textbook style illustration of the experiment, as well as other institutional languages. The languages are used to examine the position of the witness and their obligation to truth. The document was initially devised as the scheme for a performance, but also serves as its documentation, further complicating the notion of the ideal and its execution. The formal questions that appear in the document - questions concerned with the performance itself - revolve around verisimilitude of the testimony and of the laboratory as a scene.

April 2014
Inkjet print on cartridge paper
Johannesburg, South Africa