Speculations on Publishing


In collaboration with Victoria Wigzell


There are some thoughts which begin to take a very nebulous shape within me. I shall not go here into the question of why this is happening, but as to the nebulous shape of the thoughts (which I do not merit to be called ‘thoughts’ due to that nebulosity) I can say this: the shape is a tendency toward one of the languages at my disposal.

Vilém Flusser, The Gesture of Writing


Speculations on Publishing is a workshop practice where binding, content, and the formal qualities of books and publications serve as the departure point in working with participants and collaborators.

Considering publishing – traditionally a social procedure – in a workshop setting frames the conceptual approach as a speculative one, and not the act of publishing itself. In the experimental approach, the intrinsically 1:1 nature of bookmaking and speculation become freeing devices, employing published forms as a means to experience, or translate ambitions into, a book object.

The workshops base themselves on lo-fi techniques, making use of self-made tools and emphasising easily sourceable materials. Creating the ‘studio’ and ‘furbishing’ it with resources is contingent on exploring possibilities and alternatives for commercially available products.