A Room That I Was


In collaboration with Erika Pirl and Camille Kaiser

Kiosk, Geneva, was an unoccupied former street kiosk, typical of Geneva’s urban construction in the 70’s. While most have been demolished or re-purposed, this particular unit, property of the City of Geneva, was abandoned. To prevent vandalism and illegal occupation of the space, the city invited cultural and urban practitioners to propose new utilisations for it. The successful artist collective extended the invitation to us as a collaborating group to devise the final exhibition the space would have, marking the close of their residency, and the pending transformation of the space into a coffee shop.

The show ‘A Room That I Was’ negotiates the staged character of urban renewal and gentrification, privatisation, and the state stimulated financial speculation that goes with it. Key to the show was the installment of a tromp-l’oeil elevator, drawing attention to the architectural unit in its entirety, as well as to corporate and state-sponsored optimism. Paper cutout props of cleaning tools and products, a classic IKEA pot plant, a water cooler, and a slide-show projection of public benches also furnished the space. Central to the show was a publication, written, designed and printed by the three artists.
Excerpts of the publication can be viewed by following the link.


October 2017
Potted plant, telephone, paper shredder, receipt printer, water cooler, projector, projector stand, Astro Turf, carboard, ink-jet print on paper, string, digitally printed micro-fibre flag, hooks, tension line.
Kiosk, Geneva, Switzerland