The Feeling of Not Feeling at Home

Views of TOPIC from the exterior at the end of the week,
showing all the accumulations of the exhibition

Publication reading area inside the exhibition

Visitors, and participating artists and writers
enjoying a meal and reading publications
during the first open night of the show

Sara McLaren reads from her itinerant project ‘Chez soi’

Artwork by Mohamed Abdelkarim

The work ‘Tiens! Un hamac géant!’ by Jessica Decorvet,
installed in a park near the exhibition space
and being enjoyed by children from the neighborhood

Mads Floor Anderson during his performance

Documentation of the performance by Mads

The dérive proposed by Peter Schreuder,
during which travellers stop to ask for directions

Peter’s intervention after the dérive:
a barbecue event supported by a shopping-cart grill

Elements of the publication launch assembly line.
Publications were bound using a simple machine,
and sent down an assembly line to reach completion
at the request of a visitor

The binding machine in action: a drill is used to create
the binding holes, with the help of a simple wooden frame

A complete publication

Visitors watch Victoria Wigzell’s ‘Chantier Valaison’
during its first (above) and second (below) screening in TOPIC

Erika Pirl et Le Chic performing on the final open night of the exhibition


A project of the *err collective (David Rees-Thomas, Camille Kaiser, Camilla Paolino, Javier Gonzeles Pesce, Arjuna Neuman, David Romero, Alexandros Kyriakatos, Erika Pirl, Mohamed Abdelkarim, Madeleine Dymond) with Duke Choi, Erika Pirl et le Chic, Fernando Morán Ramos, Fiorella Giannattasio Moll, Isabelle Guisan, Javier González Pesce, Jessica Decorvet, Jorge L. Cordón, Kiri Santer, Mads Floor Andersen, Mandarava Bricaire, Mohamed Abdelkarim, Patricio Gil Flood, Peter Schreuder, Sabrina Fernández Casas, Sara McLaren, Victoria Wigzell, Yannis Ziogas

After three consecutive years of working together, the *err collective extended the invitation to selected artists and writers to contribute to an exhibition that would serve as the conclusion to the ongoing research topic ‘The Feeling of Not Feeling at Home’. The phrase is an extraction from Paolo Virno’s ‘Grammar of the Multitude’, and was selected because of the resonance it had with the collective members, initially comprised of ten artists from ten different countries. A publication by the same title was launched, serving as a research exposition document and as a platform for invited writers to contribute to the conceptual scope of the project. See an excerpt here. The binding of the document was formulated as an assembly line performance, a conceptual consequence of the ongoing discussions around work, artistic labour and the information era which took place within the collective. The exhibition featured a unique event on each of its five day duration, ranging from performances and screenings, to discussions and shared meals.

May 2017
Exhibition including performances, screenings, a discussion, shared meals and a publication launch.
TOPIC, Geneva, Switzerland