Doris Says Subscribe

Deconstruction Doris - Doris Says Subscribe


‘Doris Says Subscribe’ is a site-specific video designed for the master graduate exhibition in the Halles USEGO, Sierre. Deconstruction Doris, a YouTube channel artwork and persona, uses the video to examine the incompatibility of the channel with exhibition in a concrete environment. Shot inside USEGO at precisely the position where the final work was exhibited, the video makes use of architectural plans of the building, exhibition plans of the show, and Google Maps to guide viewers to its installed location. The language used here is consistent with that used in Doris’s YouTube videos, although the subject is the work itself. Viewers who see the work online can follow a link to a diorama that will enable them to watch the video as if ‘in-situ’, in USEGO.


June 2016
4 minutes 52 seconds
Halles USEGO, Sierre, Switzerland