History is a Gesture


The frame is closed in on an unexceptional kitchen sink, where a bodiless hand is trying to turn water down the drain in the opposite direction. The conceptual departure point is what appears to be a consensus: that water travels in different directions down the drain hole in the Northern and Southern hemispheres respectively. However, there is much argument about both the certitude of such a claim, and the circumstances which may make it possible. Is it the Coriolis effect, or the shape of the basin which has the greatest influence? In the end, this common piece of knowledge occupies a somewhat mythological position, as well as the trope of timelessness: a common characteristic of mythology. This characteristic of timelessness has also been applied to geo-political stereotypes, which both manifest and decompose in gestures of the everyday.


January 2016
1 minute 27 seconds; to be looped
Sierre, Switzerland