A photograph from the ‘Police Academie’ (Police Academy) tab on the Sierre, Switzerland commune website served as the departure point for this work. The photograph captures an arrest, although the status of the action, and the image which documents it, leaves much room for speculation. Was it a demonstration or an actual arrest? Are the onlookers students engaged in a scheduled activity, passers-by, or protestors? The project took the form of a delegated performance, re-enacting the photograph, and took place just outside of Sierre’s local HES-SO university campus. Participants of the performance were asked to wear a yellow soccer bib indicating their role and position in the photograph. In this way, the visual economy of the sports field and the police activity of arrests, and their similar logics, encounter each other in one scene. Icons such as the police vehicle vinyl were extracted and appear on a sign without the need for a car. A flyer was used to give instructions to participants of the performance, and as material to share with spectators.


June 2015
Soccer bibs with silkscreen, wood, vinyl, acrylic paint, ink-jet print on paper, camera, iPad, aperture lens
Sierre, Switzerland