Madeleine Dymond (b.1991) is a visual artist and researcher with a preoccupation for collaborative projects, text, and pedagogy, exercised by participating in and organising various platforms, encounters, and workshops. Her recent work has been concerned with visual literacies of the commons, how they are constructed, and what circumstances inform them. In both her research and practice she examines the mise-en-scène of historic power and its contemporary presence, attempting to reach conclusions by way of museology, semiotics, and speculating on the cultural implications of global capitalism. Many of her collaborative projects inspect work and labour in circuits where ‘culture’ is produced or implemented.

She recently completed a project in Kiosk, Geneva, with Erika Pirl and Camille Kaiser called ‘A Room That I Was’, which delved into the theatrical and urban politics of gentrification, changes in labour paradigms, and migration (October 2017). She has taught at the Wits School of Arts (WSOA) in Johannesburg (2016), and collaboratively facilitated workshops on bookbinding at the WSOA (2016) and the École cantonale d’art du Valais (ECAV) (2015). She exhibited at the Athens Biennial in 2016, as well as in Germany, Switzerland, and Johannesburg. She was a member of the *err artist’s collective, based in Geneva in late 2015. Their most recent project, ‘The Feeling of Not Feeling at Home’, featured a week-long program of events within an exhibition composed of works by the collective members and invited artists (May 2017). Due to incoherent work politics the group has dismantled itself – an invaluable experience of failure.

She lives and works between Johannesburg, South Africa, and Vienna, Austria, where she is currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts.